About us

PCS Group an integrated facilities services provider and manager for all types of commercial industrial institutional property.

Established in 1979 Professional Cleaning Services grew rapidly to become the PCS Group, an integrated facilities services provider and manager for all types of commercial, industrial and institutional property.

We welcome the provision of the Sex Discrimination Act, the Race Relations Act and the Disability and Discrimination Act and will at all times in the pursuit of our business and with our people ensure they are met.

In doing this we will develop and support our customers business, learning and adapting to their changing needs and generating life long partnerships.

Our Vision Statement

We are an organisation that cares about our people and our customers adding value to their core business, learning, adapting and promoting business excellence. We are a company small enough to really care but big enough to manage.

    Our values are:
  • We work as one team and value individual contribution.
  • We believe in continuous improvement in support of our customers and their business.
  • We will work to build partnerships with our customers setting challenging but achievable objectives.
  • We are committed to equal opportunities for all, supporting and encouraging our people throughout their careers.

Registered Office 3a Horseshoe Close Oxgate Lane London NW2 7JJ
The PCS Group is a trading name for the following companies

  • The PCSGroup Ltd Registration No. 2127550
  • PCS Chlorelle Ltd Registration No. 3934005