ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is an international standard which defines the requirements for an Environmental Management System (EMS) and therefore it does not give any specific performance measures, improvement targets or other defined parameters, but rather allows the standard to be applied to all industrial sectors and companies of all sizes worldwide.

The management system should help ensure compliance with legal requirements and manage the main environmental impacts. This process improves performance and control within the company and should help exposure to risk. The standard also requires a commitment to continual improvement in environmental performance.

Key Elements of the PCS EMS

PCS has developed its own EMS which is compliant with the requirements of ISO14001, and have achieved the accreditation through the British Standards Institute. The key elements are:

  • An assessment of the environmental aspects of PCS’ activities and services
  • An environmental management programme with clearly defined objectives and targets
  • Identified roles for employees;
  • Written procedures to control activities that have a significant impact
  • A controlled system of records;
  • Regular auditing of the system to ensure that it is being operated correctly
  • Periodic management reviews to assess the performance and effectiveness of the system

PCS have ensured compliance with the requirements and clauses of ISO 14001 through the means of three Environmental Manuals; Manual 1 contains EMS documents such as PCS’ environmental aspects and impacts, Manual 2 contains procedures and Manual 3 contains supportive information and site records. Information from these manuals is available upon request.

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