Coronavirus deep cleaning

In these unprecedented times we are faced with new challenges and cleaning has become vital in the fight against Coronavirus.


Delivery Team

We would ensure that the team we send to you will have excellent skills and knowledge in deep cleaning and anti-viral sanitisation. They have completed specific training in the requirements in carrying out an anti-viral deep clean which is effective and in line with current legislation.

There will be a team leader who will manage the process and ensure that everything is completed to a very high standard giving you the confidence that the environment is safe.

The following precautions would be undertaken before cleaning commences:

  • Appropriate disposable PPE issued to all operatives
  • Pre clean self-hygiene routine completed as per training

Equipment/materials to be used.

  • Hot water chemical extraction carpet cleaning machine (if required)
  • Disposable cloths and wipes
  • Aroma Sanitiser Bio enzyme concentrate
  • Anti-Bacterial surface cleaner
  • Bio enzyme floor and carpet sanitization misting and cleaning
  • Fogging (if required)

The PCS Group recommendations for a deep clean sanitisation would include the following:

  • door handles
  • door frames
  • vision panels
  • light switches
  • desks/workstations
  • telephones and IT equipment
  • chairs
  • all surfaces in kitchen and hygiene areas (toilets/showers)
  • wet extraction cleaning of the carpet (Using hot water, enhance carpet cleaner/sanitizer and a wet extraction machine)
  • Hard Floor Areas – machine scrub as required and clean with sanitiser

All touch sensitive surfaces will be cleaned with a two-stage process initial decontamination with a bio enzyme solution followed by an anti-bacteria surface cleaner.

Precautions to be taken after cleaning would include the following:

  • Works to be checked during and after cleaning by Supervisor/Manager
  • All PPE to be removed and placed in bag and disposed of in the appropriate manner

Recommendations to site users after a deep clean sanitisation are as follows:

  • Encourage everyone to wash their hands properly
  • Use of Hand Sanitiser

Practical Site Recommendations

  • Hot desking office to provide wipes for sanitisation
  • Place/Provide Hand Sanitiser to all the strategic areas: Entrances/Exits, toilets, lift lobbies & lift Panels
  • Strategic Areas to be wiped & Sanitised every 2 hours.

The PCS Group Ltd Dry Fog system provides a high technology solution to disinfect offices, classrooms, healthcare facilities, critical production and laboratory areas.

Facility, safety and infection control managers trust this process to rapidly and effectively provide a six log kill (99.9999%) of microbial, bacterial and fungal contamination.

The Dry Fog application excels at sterilizing large complex areas in a fraction of the time it would take to manually clean. It only takes 1-2 highly trained operators to fog, whereas a large manual cleaning crew increases contamination risk.

The process is a very efficient and effective supplement to the more conventional cleaning processes.

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