Sustainability means looking at more than just the physical environment and our impact upon it, we believe it means looking at the planet as a whole, including the people who live on it. We are proud of our environmental credentials, but we are just as quietly passionate about the important efforts our staff make when giving of their time, energy and enthusiasm, within the framework of Business in The Community projects.

We value the environment here at PCS Ltd and we are both a conscious, green and responsible employer/supplier.

Since our inception 30 years ago, we have been a proponent of the use of safe, ecologically sound cleaning products.

How We Make a Difference

We take our responsibility to the world seriously and continually improve our internal environmental performance. We have a number of sound practices to reduce waste and safeguard resources throughout the supply chain.

We calculate our carbon footprint each year, and as part of our ISO 14001 accreditation process, we have an Environmental Management Working Group who set targets and implement continual improvements; for example, we’ve installed energy efficient lighting at our new offices.

We have switched our fleet to fuel efficient vehicles to reduce our carbon emissions. All our contract managers now drive electric cars and to further reduce vehicle emissions we monitor mileage.

We revise our working practices whenever we see an opportunity to benefit Environmental targets and the environment is built into the audits at client sites carried out by our QSHE team. Our practices include:

  • ‘Reach and Wash’ system which cleans exterior windows from the safely of the ground using telescopic poles and jets of filtered, ionised water. This negates the need for chemical or detergent agents producing a clearer, brighter finish.
  • Aqueous Ozone in place of chemical and chlorine-based cleaning agents. Ordinary tap water is infused with ozone, rendering it more powerful than bleach and enabling it to kill odours, stains, bacteria, viruses, and fungi on any surface, before converting safely back into water and oxygen.
  • Our ‘FlowClean’ method of working encourages team work, group responsibility for quality results, whilst reducing lighting end electricity usage.

Where we make a difference

  • We take our corporate citizenship seriously and lead by example to influence positive change within our own company and among our peers.
  • We contribute to both the local and wider community through fundraising, donation of our time, sponsorship and our skills and a commitment to ‘good business’.
  • We believe we can be of great service to our community by sharing our expertise. To that end we work with a growing number of not-for profit organisations to structure their services on a more favourable basis than they would otherwise hope to achieve.

We provide FM support services to a number of charities including Terence Higgins Trust, Centrepoint and SSAFA at zero profit. The level of funds we can donate has a finite limit, however our ability to conduct ‘good business’ is infinite.

Diversity & Inclusion

The PCS Group is dedicated to providing a workforce that is equal and fair to all employees regardless of difference. The company is committed to having a safe and welcoming place to work that is open, respectful and inclusive to all. We have a strong belief in employing people who are dedicated and professional in their work irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, nationality or sexual orientation. We encourage our employees to reach their full potential and offer advice and support to all employees so they can fulfil their ambitions.

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