PCS Disaster Recovery

The one stop shop for complete recovery of flood or fire damaged property

We aim to respond to incidents within 2 hours to mitigate damage and advise the best practices to be introduced.

We have years of experience and our teams are led by qualified technicians who carry all the equipment necessary to start the recovery process immediately.

Our services cover the following:

  • Initial scoping of the incident site and completing a detailed report that can be used to assist with insurance claims.
  • Stripping out all damaged fabric and removing from site
  • Installation of the most modern Corroventa drying equipment
  • Carrying out deep cleaning and fogging processes to eliminate fire and smoke evidence
  • Reinstating the property by qualified trades at competitive rates.

Trace and Access

Our experienced Trace and Access technicians utilise to the most up to date equipment to determine the source of the leak. Whether it be by infa red cameras, acoustic microphones or gas tracer equipment we aim to trace the leak in the most non destructive way possible to minimise both costs and distruption for our clients. All Trace and Access work is carried out by qualified plumbers, therefore we can locate, expose and repair the leak during the same visit. Our technicians also carry moisture meters to help determine the spread of moisture and our reports will include any requested recommendations in order to return the risk address to pre-loss condition following on from the peril.

This was a job we completed for a flood damaged kitchen for a client. With the pressure drying system we used we didn’t need to strip out the insulated floor and underfloor heating system, along with successfully removing the kitchen with a view of reinstalling, we have saved the insurers thousands of pounds on this claim.