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Eco-friendly Cleaning & Luxury Washroom Products – AROMA

With sustainability and the environment being high up on many of our client’s agendas, our own brand products go some way to fulfilling their environmental objectives.

All Aroma Care Solutions products are made in the UK with careful attention to providing premium quality products and avoiding any harm to the environment.

An expert range of cleaning, odour management and hygiene products used by professional cleaners and hygiene managers reformulated with fine perfume and gentle botanicals for use in commercial offices, schools, warehouses, corporate headquarters, museums and galleries which addresses the challenges of hygiene and odour management. An expert solution to the challenges of cleaning in public spaces with a high foot-fall.

We have devised a highly effective formula which eliminate smells and stains forever without the use of nasty chemicals. Naturally.

Using the power and science of nature’s own enzymes and the added luxury of aromatherapy principles combined with the power and efficacy of industrial and medical grade products, Aroma Care bring fresh and powerful solutions to make people’s lives easier.

Our solutions offer the perfect combination of nature and science.

Our flagship product is the Bio-enzyme cleaner. The new Bio-Enzyme Formula uses nature’s own science to clean up messes without the use of harmful chemicals, making it safe to use.

The natural good bacteria in Bio-Enzyme formula comes in a concentrated form and once diluted the good bacteria germinates, multiplies and eats up the bad bacteria and carbon sources that cause lingering odours and stubborn stains, until is permanently eliminated.

The Skin Care range, which aims to create the feeling of being pampered, to provide a little bit of luxury. Clients and visitors to your offices will be impressed by the quality and the smell of our beautiful hand soaps and lotions.

The range includes hand and body products made up of natural ingredients which nurture the skin, revive the body and mind and soothe and uplift the spirits.

This Aroma Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser Gel has been proved to be effective against all of the following bacteria in both clean and dirty conditions:

  • Norovirus
  • Avian and Swine Flu
  • E.coli
  • MRSA
  • Listeria
  • Salmonella.

This was tested under EN 1276 test protocols and has achieved 5 Log10 reductions of the bacterial titres (i.e. 99.999% killed).

The gelling agent used is cosmetic grade and dries without leaving a sticky residue on the user’s hands.

The absence of alcohol means when used, hands no longer feel dry and tight or cracked. No sore or red irritated patches. No alcohol means only using half as much product. Free of alcohol and added fragrance it is also absorbed quickly, gently soothes and leaves the skin moist and soft.

It is an excellent tool for use in the office or communal areas

  • Before leaving the corporate or public washrooms
  • High traffic or public areas
  • Brilliant to have when sharing a phone or a PC.
  • Hotdesking
  • On the office reception / help desk
  • Ideal for the Post Room
  • After using the office kettle, fridge and microwave
  • After having the lunchtime sandwich
  • Cleaning, what better way to protect yourself?
  • The complete hand gel to use after cleaning up spillages

All Aroma Care Solutions products are made in the UK with careful attention to providing premium quality products and avoiding any harm to the environment.

All our packaging and labels have been selected with the utmost care as we make every effort to reduce our carbon footprint, and our bottles are made from PET plastic. In addition, we also turn heat and lights off wherever possible and actively encourage our staff to reduce their own carbon footprint by walking or cycling to work.

All our products are sourced from sustainable suppliers, locally wherever possible, and we avoid unnecessary chemicals that might irritate you or cause harm to plants, animals or the environment. We are careful to select only ingredients that do not cause damage to the environment or aquatic life when disposed of.

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