ANPR Remote enforcement

The ANPR Enforcement system is the leading solution to encourage the correct use of your car park facilities.
We currently provide ANPR Enforcement to a wide variety of organisations
including NHS Hospitals, national chain stores, retail parks, universities, managing agents and hotels. So with a wealth of experience within this field we offer an unrivalled quality of service.
The ANPR Parking Solution is designed to eliminate potential on-site confrontation which can occur with onsite manned patrols.

The ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras) parking system
Cost effective but highly visible

The ANPR & Pay and display combined system
The combination of the two systems is by far the most effective management solution to date it provides an unequivocal car park enforcement solution which is rapidly replacing temperamental and costly barrier and pay on foot systems. PCS use touch screen pay and display machines which drivers use to identify their vehicles on screen. The combined system is fully automated so removes the need for drivers to display a ticket.